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Hi, I'm Erin!

. . . but I promise I can shoot through the tears.

I am absolutely a hopeless romantic and I'm all about giving my clients photos that evoke real emotion and experiences with real joy. I'm a certified Mom Friend, guaranteed to ask if you're drinking enough water and always have emergency safety pins in my camera bag.

I was raised in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and outdoor adventures hold a special place in my heart, I love location scouting for shoots and getting to experience beautiful places as part of my job

When I’m not behind the camera, my deepest loves are flowers, places with big rocks, vintage dresses, and peel-apart Polaroid films.

I will probably cry at your wedding. . .

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I have a condition called aphantasia which prevents me from visualizing any images, faces, scenes, or memories in my mind. Because of this, I can't remember a time that I didn't always have a camera in my hand. Photographs allow me to make memories for myself and store them externally which is what makes every image so precious to me.

In 2014, I got my first DSLR and within six months I started my business. I had no idea what I was doing but I was doing it very enthusiastically. I went on to earn a degree in Advertising Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology.  After working at a newspaper for two years, I turned my attention to fashion photography and quickly realized that making art for capitalism didn't spark joy in me. It was then I turned back to the work that had first called to me, documenting real people.

I moved to Australia in 2022 to be near my long distance partner of two years and live out our little love story!

I can't picture anything in my head, at all!

Tatiana & Adam

"I hired Erin after I was a bridesmaid in a wedding she was photographing. The wedding photos were so breathtaking so I hired her for pictures of my partner and I. She made us feel so comfortable and had us laughing the entire time! I recommend her to anyone that wants a photographer that is adventurous and fun! Her edits are so dreamy!"

"I cannot recommend Erin enough!"









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